Team House Positions: Head Sherpa

Description  #

A Triple Victor Head Sherpa is a non-racing, dependable, and knowledgeable member of the house staff who helps shape the athlete’s race experience by providing support, guidance, and logistics throughout the race weekend. 

The Head Sherpa position allows non-racing members of the club to support their teammates in exchange for a trip to a specific race venue. Outside of helping to open the house, the pancake dinner, race day logistics, and helping to close the house, the Head Sherap is mostly free to train or explore the host city and race venue.  

Duties #

Some of the duties of the Head Sherpa include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinating athlete travel between the team house and race venue or official race shuttles for the race start;
  • Coordinating travel from the race finish to the team house;
  • Collecting athlete morning clothes bags at the swim start and delivering them to the morning clothes drop off or if possible, retaining them until the finish;
  • Coordinating the pick-up of athlete bikes and transition bags for any athlete unable to retrieve their equipment due to a medical emergency;
  • Coordinating, cooking, and cleaning up the team pancake dinner and tiramisu at the team house the evening prior to the race;
  • Assisting other team staff members as needed through the weekend to include opening and closing the team house.

Pay & Travel #

The position is a volunteer position. Triple Victor will provide lodging in the staff or shared room of the house and a travel stipend for airport parking and airline tickets up to $500 for CONUS races and as needed for OCONUS races. The team will pay the allowance upon the completion of travel; volunteers must submit their receipts for payment.

Eligibility  #

Any member of the Triple Victor Club, Board, or select individuals who have served as Head Sherpa at previous races with a valid driver’s license are eligible to fill this role. To apply for the position at an upcoming team house, message the Head Coach, Coach Dave, through the team website or app about your interest in working a specific event. New Head Sherpas will require a Zoom interview before approval. Factors that will influence the selection and priority of those applying for a position:

  • Prior Head Sherpa
  • Prior Team House athlete
  • Racecourse or venue experience 
  • Sports Photographer 
  • Massage Therapists 
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Bike Mechanic
  • Medical Provider
  • IRONMAN race experience

Non-Compliance  #

If for any reason, the Head Sherpa fails to attend the race or coordinate for a replacement or fails to fulfill their primary duties, they will receive a ban from serving as a Head Sherpa in the future.


    1. Keep me posted as we get closer on your availability.  The neighborhood we use in StG won’t have their availability published until 9-months out so major planning will begin around February.  

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