Active & Resting Metabolic Test






Get an Active & Resting Metabolic Test

The package also includes:

– Lung fitness assessment

– Heart fitness assessment

– Nutrition and workout program consultation

– Metabolic, Heart, Lung & Cellular fitness assessment


Testing lasts ~45 minutes and is performed by one of our trainer coaches. Our coaches comply with the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 spread prevention.

The PNOĒ Metabolic Test and Body Composition Analysis provides you a 360-degree view of your metabolic, heart, and lung function. In just 45 minutes you will discover how fast or slow your metabolism is, your heart and lungs fitness, how effective you are in burning fat, exactly how many calories you need to eat for your goals, and what the ideal workout looks like for you. Based on the information collected our team of experts will create your personalized workout and nutrition plan while assessing your lung and heart fitness.


Testing is available Monday through Friday in Fayetteville, NC and the surrounding area (within 30 minutes of downtown Fayetteville).  Sessions last 45 minutes and are available at 8-9 AM, 1-4 PM, and 7-8 PM most days.


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