Endurance Coaching

I'll personally help get you into the best shape of your life.

Don't struggle on your own. Get lasting results you never thought possible with expert coaching and accountability from Coach Dave Mudek and Triple Victor Sports.

Personal Coaching with Triple Victor Sports

To reach your swimming, cycling, and running goals, you’ll need to be consistent. To be consistent, you’ll need help.

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Become stronger and faster.

You tell me your goals. I’ll help you get there. With smart structured training, you’ll be in better shape than you ever thought possible.

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I'll help you stay accountable.

I’ll provide you with daily workouts, guidance, and accountability, every step of the way, no matter what life throws at you. We’re in this together.

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We'll make training a habit.

Most people who try to master endurance sports overload themselves and burn out quickly. Instead, I’ll help you focus on the small practices that lead to big results.

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Busy? Let me do the thinking for you.

You have enough to worry about already. Leave the workout details to me while you focus on training.

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Proven to work, 100,000 times over.

We'll use the data-based coaching methods, developed by the world's top sports researchers and used by Triple Victor athletes to achieve peak performance season after season.

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Affordable one-on-one coaching.

With programs starting at $119/month, individualized one-on-one coaching is finally affordable. This isn't "AI" or app-based training, it is coaching. Why? Because I am committed to helping you achieve your goals.

“I know what to do… but I have a hard time staying consistent.”

When life gets crazy and responsibilities at home and work pile one on top of the other, it’s easy to let our health and fitness slip. 

But for most of us, there comes a time when we realize things must change. A time when gaining control over our training takes on new urgency.

For some, it’s a scary health diagnosis. For others, it’s realizing how fast the race start is approaching. And for others still, it’s when they finally realize they’ve spent so many years putting off their dreams of being a triathlete or an IRONMAN.

When it’s time to turn things around and start a structured and purposeful training program, it can be difficult to know what to do next. And staying motivated is hard — especially if you try to do it all on your own.

That’s where I come in.

My goal is to help you get to your finish line in the best shape of your life so you can crush your training and racing goals.

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How to get into the best shape of your life — and stay that way.

Expert coaching and personal accountability from Coach Dave Mudek, an IRONMAN and USA Triathlon Certified Coach.

Transform your body and life forever

You tell me what you want to do. I’ll help you do it. First, I’ll learn about your lifestyle, needs, and specific goals. Then, over the course of the program, I’ll give you everything you need to look, feel, and perform better than you thought possible.

Proven strategies to help you nail your next race

You’ve probably tried “just training” without structure in the past.  And it may have worked initially, but since you have concluded, it won’t get you to your goals.

Maybe you have even checked out “AI” plans or some of the “cheaper” coaching programs.  Unlike these coaches and apps that “customize” a pre-built plan to you, I use an athlete-centered, data-based approach to build an individualized training program around your strengths, weaknesses, and schedule.

The result? You’ll do the right workouts at the right time to maximize your training and avoid wasteful under or over-training. You’ll have more energy on course. And you’ll build physical strength and new confidence in your racing and performance.

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Stay accountable and consistent with personal help.

At Triple Victor we live and breathe this stuff everyday, and have dedicated our professional life to helping people like you become fitter, stronger, and healthier than ever.

Whatever obstacles arise, we’ll help you overcome them by modifying your program or offering new solutions. In the end, know that we are here to support you every step of the way, no matter what life throws at you.

Triple Victor and TrainingPeaks

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Easy-to-use online platform

You’ll start by telling me all about yourself, including your goals, health challenges, available equipment, and daily routine. From there, I’ll customize your entire program in TrainingPeaks.

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Easy to follow workouts and guidance

Every day, you’ll get your workouts and updates delivered through TrainingPeaks via the online platform and a daily email. Each workout will include structured guidance by either heart rate, pace, or power depending on your personal training equipment.

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Powerful tools and data

All cycling and running workouts are built using the TrainingPeaks workout builder. This allows you to upload the workout files to your smartwatch, cycling computer, smart trainer or favorite training program such as Zwift. The data you capture working out is reviewed by Coach Dave and used to monitor training status.

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Personal coaching and detailed progress checking

I’ll check in with you frequently to see how you’re doing and to answer any questions you have. Also, you can message me whenever you need. My coaching program includes routine performance testing and daily metric tracking so you can see just how much progress you’ve made.

Is personal coaching right for you?

Personal coaching with Coach Dave Mudek and Triple Victor is for you if:

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You want to get healthier, fitter, and stronger

Triple Victor coaching is for people who want to build physical strength, endurance, confidence, get results that last, and achieve peak performance. Triple Victor is about being the best human you can be.

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You’re tired of "coaching" programs that don't cater to your goals, needs, and lifestyle

If you’ve tried something before and found it wanting — or just can’t stick with it because it wasn't built for you— know that you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault. After all, self-directed training fails to achieve peak performance 98 percent of the time. Not to mention, after many years in the triathlon and endurance sports industry, I’ve seen dozens of training fads come and go. That’s why I don’t follow fads. I use data-driven methods that work and are tailored to fit your individual lifestyle. Bottom line: I’ll help you make triathlon a part of your life, without it taking over.

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You want an expert to hold you accountable and keep you consistent

Nothing worth doing can be done alone. That’s why I work closely with my athletes to help them get the best out of themselves, no matter what other craziness is going on in their lives. You’re busy and have enough to worry about; let me take care of the training details so you don’t have to.

Coaching Tiers and Pricing

There is a coaching tier to meet every athlete's needs

Custom Training Plans

$ 119
  • $99 Start-up Fee
  • Club Membership
  • Premium TrainingPeaks Account
  • Custom Training Zones
  • 2x Support Messages a Month
  • Optimized Training
  • Training Delivered Monthly
  • 1x Training Plan Change a Month
  • Zoom Calls
  • Training File Review
  • HRV, Metrics & Advanced Analytics Analysis


$ 299
  • $99 Start-up Fee
  • Club Membership
  • Premium TrainingPeaks Account
  • Advanced Power Profiling w/ iLevel Zones
  • Unlimited Support Messages
  • Individually Optimized Training
  • Training Delivered Weekly
  • 4x Training Plan Changes a Month
  • 2x Zoom Calls a Month
  • Daily Training File Review
  • HRV, Metrics & Advanced Analytics Analysis

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been in shape, or felt energized throughout your entire day, or felt capable and confident enough to head to the race start line.  Maybe you are crushing the local competition and want to take it to the next level.

If you’re ready to achieve peak fitness and crush your goals, I’m ready to help. Stop going it alone or using half-assed solutions, try with someone who’s ready to bring a commitment that’s as serious as your own.

I’ve dedicated my professional life to helping people transform their racing through nutrition and data-driven training. And the team at TrainingPeaks has done the same.

This is your limited opportunity to work with the best coaching team in the industry — to feel, race, and perform better than you thought possible.

I hope to have the opportunity to help you transform your racing and life forever.

But the next step is up to you.

– Coach Dave

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Meet Coach Dave Mudek, MS, Pn2

I began as a strength and conditioning coach working with student-athletes in 2002. Over the years, I have competed and coached at the highest levels of sport to include Olympic trials and world championships.  

I am excited to coach Triple Victor and invite all athletes from beginners working their way off the couch to elite athletes getting ready for world championships to train and race with us.  And remember, while I built these training strategies working with elite athletes, the nutrition, wellness, and strength programs work for athletes and clients of all levels.

Personal Accolades

  • 15x 70.3 (PR 4:25)
  • 11x 140.6 (PR 9:11)
  • 8x Consecutive Team USA selections (Draft-Legal Sprint)
  • 6x Consecutive IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships qualifications
  • 1x IRONMAN World Championship qualification (Kona)
  • 2016 USAT Military Athlete Award

Coaching Certifications

  • USA Triathlon II Certified Coach
  • Precision Nutrition II “Master Coach”
  • IRONMAN Certified Coach
  • IMU Swim Analysis Certified
  • TrainingPeaks Level II Certified Coach
  • TrainingPeaks Power Certified

Are you ready to exceed your racing and training goals?

Schedule a free coaching consultation with a Triple Victor Coach to learn how we can help you reach your potential.

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