Top 10 Foods, Superfoods, Best Diet & More!

Top 10 Foods, Superfoods, Best Diet & More!

Is this food healthy? What diet is the best? What do you think about Keto? What should I be eating… what should I not be eating?

These are questions that I hear all the time, and unlike the rest of the nutrition industry I won’t play the game. Loaded questions do not help individuals because there are way too many variables per each person and situation to give blanket answers.

That said, I hate diet books, blogs, fad diets, top 10 lists, couch to whatever plans, and well about most anything else in the nutrition and fitness market today.

The promise of quick fixes, miracle diets, juice cleanses and all the other fads out there angers me to my core. There is nothing an “easy” and “from the comfort of your home” program is going to do for you. True transformations, health, wellness, peak performance do not come easy, and they are not comfortable for most people.

This idea that you can eat all the foods you want while wrapping them in bacon does not support long-term health. I don’t care what book, blog, cleanse, or bottle of pills you find, you will not have your dream body in 21 or even 90 days. Sorry, there are no superfoods or 5-minute butt blasting exercises to shortcut the damage created with years of poor health and nutrition.

If you are one of those people though that wants a diet book or a blog with the “top ten superfoods” and the “top ten foods to avoid” this is not the place for you! Side note, if you find someone that has seen long-term health, wellness, or performance from any of those approaches, please send them my way because I like anyone else have always wondered if unicorns are real.

Most things in the nutrition industry are doing you no favors. They are not helping you reach true health, wellness, or long-term performance. And honestly, that is something that saddens me daily. To know that my peers are selling snake oil.

So what is my advice when asked questions about what the best foods, diets, or exercise plans are? What is my magical blanket answer wrapped in bacon?

Surprisingly I do have a “magic bullet,” but it isn’t a quick fix or list of best foods nor can you wrap it in bacon. It is a simple but not easy formula I like that when practiced consistently is true magic or for my triathlete friends “free speed”: show up, work hard, and listen.

Show up – to the gym, to coaching sessions, to group rides, to team practice, to your online accountability group, to your morning meditation, in the mirror… wherever it is that you go to focus on your body, your mind, your health, and your performance.

Work hard – become comfortable being uncomfortable during those critical points in the day and life that you are focusing on you. Take solace in the fact that at Triple Victor the goal is to go easy on the easy days so that we can crush ourselves on the hard ones.

Listen – to your body, your coach, and your mind. It indeed is that easy. Build an open and honest relationship with your body, mind, and coach to achieve transformations in performance and health. Remember that your mind (thinking part) is not your brain (habitual & emotional) part.

The formula comes down to one theme: being relentless in the pursuit of your goals. Yup, hard to hear but true, changing your body and your health takes consistent work. No shortcuts here, just work. And the first step is admitting that creating the body you want; a healthy high performing body takes work.

Bonus, Triple Victor, eliminates much of the thinking. From our membership program to our coaching we set the stage and environment for you to do three specific things: show up, work hard, and listen. You do these, and great things will follow.

Did I mention that I hate fad diets and diet books?

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