2021 Clash Daytona Sprint

Athlete: Robin Chapman

Event: Clash Daytona Sprint

Date: 12/4/21

Distance: Sprint

Race Priority: B/C

Result: 7 of 14(AG)

CTL: 66

TSB: -8

HRV: 7.9 day of

Temp (High/Low): 75/62

Wind: 2mph from the West

Humidity: 81%


On a scale of 1 to 10, (1 = poor, 10 = exceptional), how would you rate this performance?


Why did you rank it as such?

This was my 3rd and longest sprint being double the swim and 3 miles longer on the ride then my first. I feel very neutral about my performance although considering it was not an A race and that I had done a PR on a 5k run 9 days prior I guess it wasn’t bad. I defiantly feel I could have swam faster had we gotten a warm up swim or it hadn’t been so cold. The Ride was pretty good and probably the happiest with that. The run was so so, I feel like my legs still hadn’t recovered from the 5k the week prior and took about half a mile into the run until my feet had warmed up from the swim. Despite this it was my fastest 5k in a race and I feel I kept running more then my last sprint.

What was your travel itinerary to the event?

I left home Thursday(Dec. 2nd) morning 2 days prior and drove the 2.5 hours to Daytona to the AirBnb. Drove home almost immediate after the race.

Did this affect your performance (positively or negatively)?

No I don’t think so, it was good to be able to not have to drive there the morning of.

How were stress levels in your life in the days before the race?

2.5 of 10 Had an medical appointment for my grandma the day before leaving that cut into my prep time before leaving and my own medical stuff to work on as well. Was nice spending time before once getting there with other triple victor athletes and friends though.

How were your sleeping patterns in the days before the race?

Monday Night – Okay 7.75 hours

Tuesday Night – Good 9.5 hours

Wednesday Night – Normal but longer 8.65 hours

Thursday Night – Okay 8.5 hours

Friday Night – Went to bed early but woke up to early for the race and couldn’t get back to sleep 5 hours

Saturday Night – Ok 8 hours

How were your eating habits in the days before the race?

Pretty normal for the most part, made sure to eat more carbs the couple days prior.

What were the weather conditions for the race?

Cold in the morning and warmed up during the race but that water was a brisk 61

What specific preparations did you make for these conditions (hydration, clothing, etc.)?

Wore my sleeveless wetsuit.

Were these preparations adequate?

No, needed more coverage, felt like I went into shock the first few minutes of the swim and just couldn’t get into pace.

What was your warmup routine for the race?

Did some dynamic warmups in place in the coral.

Was it effective?

No, I wish we were aloud to do a warm up swim.

What were you thinking about on the start line?

How cold it was outside and how cold the water was about to be.

Did this help or hurt your performance?

Probably didn’t help, guess I should have been thinking warm thoughts.

On a scale of 1 to 10, (1 = poor, 10 = exceptional), what was your motivation level for this race?


Why did you rank it as such?

Mainly did it to do a race with friends and get the vibe of a team house before Gulf Coast. It being a B/C race I wasn’t pushing myself fully for it.

What was your nutrition plan for the race?

Carb load night prior, eat a good breakfast with chocolate milk and water.

How well did you execute the nutrition plan?

Pretty good, had pancakes with chicken night prior, left overs chocolate milk and water morning of.

Could the nutrition plan be improved?

Oh I’m sure!


Have a better plan.

What was your hydration plan for the race?

Plan was to have water leading up to the start, have water with skratch mix on the bike and water with me on the run and drink as needed.

How well did you execute the plan?

Ok for most part but need to remember to bring a disposable water bottle with me to swim start so I can drink right up to the start.

Could the plan be improved? How?

Maybe. main thing is to bring disposable water bottle with me to swim start.

What was your pacing strategy for the race?

Was going by feel for most part, put myself in the place to do a 1:40 100’s, wanted to keep cadence up and speed over 20 since it was flat, was hoping to do about a 11 min a mile pace on the run.

How well did you execute the strategy? (List your mile/lap splits, if applicable)

So so, the swim was defiantly off, the cold just through me so far off. The ride was pretty spot on probably could have gone faster if there weren’t so many on the track and worried about getting draft penalty. The run was close but my calves got cramped pretty quick, tried to keep the pace up and the walking to a minimum to hold on as much as I could.

Swim: 16:47

T1: 3:25

Bike: 38:05

T2: 2:39

Run: 35:55

What do your splits show about your execution?

I was slower on my swim per 100m then I wanted, bike was pretty much right on target and run was slower then I was hoping for as well.

What decisions did you make before or during the race that helped your performance?

That I would just try and stick to spinning a high cadence at about 20mph or higher.

What decisions did you make before or during the race that did not help your performance?

That the water was going to be freezing cold since I was already shivering a bit before the start.

Anything else about the race, positive or negative, you feel is important?

Positive- Personal best 5k time in a sprint.

Negative- The water was super cold.

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