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Hacking Your Day: Bio-Time (Part I)

Are you operating at peak potential on your current schedule? Are you bursting with energy and getting high-quality sleep? Having as much energetic sex as you’d

Athlete Recovery

Athlete Recovery HydrotherapyWhile hydrotherapy has become widely incorporated into post-exercise recovery regimes, information regarding these interventions is mostly anecdotal. The human body does respond to

Diet Rules

Diet Rules With the increase of fad diets in the media the constant questions seem to be “what are my macros” or “what ‘superfoods’ should

Antioxidants & Recovery

Antioxidants are an essential part of any diet and assist the body in removing free oxygen from our body which is toxic. As reactive gas

Race Fueling

Race Fueling During races lasting 60 minutes or longer, the primary concerns of the athlete are hydration, energy, and electrolytes. In this situation, we want