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Triple Victor Veteran Suicide Awareness Ride

The Ride

Join us for the 2nd Annual Triple Victor Veteran Suicide Awareness Bike Ride, a 417+ mile ride across North Carolina. The Triple Victor Suicide Awareness Bike Ride remembers and honors the veterans who have lost their lives and raises funds for Mission 22, an organization dedicated to ending veteran suicide and supporting the families impacted by veteran suicide.

The Triple Victor Veteran Suicide Awareness Ride is a 417-mile journey from the Tennesse-North Carolina border to the Jannette pier on the East Coast. Over the first four days of riding, riders will complete four 22-mile segments, followed by a fifth day with three 22-miles segments and a final 16-mile reflection ride. The 22-mile segments symbolize the average number of military veterans, past and present, who commit suicide. The riders will stop at the end of each 22-mile segment to pay remembrance to a fallen veteran.

The Triple Victor Veterans Suicide Awareness Ride is a free event for those that wish to raise awareness and celebrate the lives of the fallen veterans. Each rider will receive transportation to the start and endpoints from Fayetteville, NC, camping accommodations at each endpoint, daily SAG support with gear transport between endpoints, water at all checkpoints, and an evening dinner hosted by the day’s presenting sponsor.  

Each rider will provide their own camping gear, breakfast, and daily ride nutrition. BASE Performance is providing riders and supporters that use code “3VOps22” at checkout a 20% discounts as well as donating 10% of each purchase to the ride.

We request that each rider help fundraise to cover transportation costs and SAG support during the ride. Triple Victor will donate all remaining funds to Mission 22 after covering transportation and SAG support expenses.

If you would like to help raise awareness with the Triple Victor Veterans Suicide Awareness Ride, please consider donating, joining for the ride, even if just a 22-mile segment, or joining one of our Zwift training rides!

Support & Making a Difference

Every rider who has committed to the full 5 days, 417-miles, and 11,000 feet of elevation gain is taking on five days of HARD WORK in honor of fallen veterans and their families.

It costs $290 per rider to complete the Triple Victor Veterans Suicide Awareness Ride.  Each rider has committed to fundraising towards this amount.  Triple Victor will donate all additional donations to Mission 22.  

Please consider donating to our ride or a donation to Mission 22.

Be There

Even greater than a donation is an act of being present for the veterans in your life. If you can do one thing today, reach out and let a veteran know that you are there for them.  A phone call, a text, or even an email is all it takes.  That simple action. of letting a vet know you are, there could save a life.  To learn more about the “be there” campaign or other ways to help, visit the Veteran Crisis Line “be there” site

Fallen Warriors

The riders will take breaks every 22-miles to resupply, rest, and take a moment of silence in honor of a fallen warrior who committed suicide.  During these stops, the riders will take turns sharing the stories and biographies of the veterans below.

We thank all of you for sharing your memories and stories with us and giving us this opportunity to honor these fallen warriors. 

SSG Jason Matthew Lowe
MSG Andrew 'Andy' Christian Marckesano
SFC Saruon Som
SSG Cameron Reed
SSG Dana Childress-Page
SSG Kelly F. Keck
SPC Robert Burgett
SFC William Grand DePew
SSG Tyler Latta
PFC Katrina Donelson
SGT Anthony Michael Price
PVT Mason Heimer
SFC Abraham Cruz
CSM Fernan Castelo

Virtual Training Rides

Join us for a group 22-mile training ride hosted in Zwift with a Zoom video chat.

Each training ride is a “no-drop” 22-mile ride and you are open to complete any workout you like during the training period.  

Thank’s to the “no drop” feature in Zwift, the software will keep the peloton together no matter what kind of watts you are dropping!  This means you can ride along with us at an easy effort, or you can crank through an interval workout; it is entirely up to you!

Joining rides is both easy and free!

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The Route and Ride Schedule

November 11th, 2020 - Veterans Day


The 85-mile ride starts in Johnson County, TN and follows US 321 to Boone, NC. Riders will pass through the Blue Ridge Mountains during this section en route to Boone.

From Boone riders will continue east along US 421 through Wilkesboro on their way to the day’s endpoint at the Maplewood Baptist Church in Yadkinville, NC. 

Riders will have the option to indoor camp in the church or to camp outside with the evening’s dinner and social presented by the Fayetteville Tri-Warriors.


Presenting Sponsor

Fayetteville Tri Warriors

November 12th, 2020


The 88-mile ride starts in Yadkinville, NC, and follows Old US 421 to Winston-Salem, NC.

After Winston-Salem riders will continue south towards High Point, NC.

From High Point riders will continue east to the day’s endpoint at Spring Friends Meeting House in Snow Camp, NC. 

Riders will have the option to indoor camp in the meeting house or to camp outside.  Currently, the team is still looking for a presenting sponsor.

Presenting Sponsor

National Guard Cycling Club

November 13th, 2020


The 83-mile ride starts in Snow Camp, NC, and ends in Sims, NC at Storks’s Rest Farm.

Riders will camp outside this evening at Stork’s Rest Farm with the evening’s dinner and social presented by the Stork’s Rest Farm.

Presenting Sponsor

Stork's Rest Farm

November 14th, 2020


The 85-mile ride starts in Sims, NC at Storks’s Rest Farm and ends at the Plymouth Country Club in Plymouth, NC a small town along the Roanoke River. 

Riders will camp for the evening at the Plymouth Country Club with the evening’s dinner and social presented by Cross Cree Cycling Club.

Presenting Sponsor

Cross Creek Cycling Club

November 15th, 2020


The 74-mile ride starts in Plymouth, NC at Plymouth Country Club and ends at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head, NC on the Atlantic Coast.

Southern Pines Brewing Co. is hosting the ‘after party.

Presenting Sponsor

Southern Pines Brewing Co.

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