Ultramook 50K

The day before the race I slept well. Ate a big breakfast, eggs, sausage, protein waffles. For lunch I had large café yum hot’n jazzy add chicken. Got the hot n’ jazzy for the Jasmine rice mostly. Ate this at the start of a 2-hour 45-minute drive to Tillamook. Got to Tillamook around 4PM, checked into the hotel then went to Denny’s for pancakes. Ordered 4 pancakes. Ate two and took the other two back to the hotel room for breakfast the next day. Went to bed around 8:30 – 9:00 and set an alarm for 4:45.

Race day. Woke up around 2 AM felt rested and couldn’t sleep. Got up stretched a little bit then tried to go back to sleep. Eventually around 3:30 or so I fell back asleep. Alarm goes off at 4:45. Slept like crap. Hotel room was noisy, and the beds sucked. Could hear cars driving by most of the night and noisy people in the room above. Looked at my Garmin watch and see that my body battery is at 56 %. Was at 100% the day prior. The packing, crappy bed, noisy people, and traveling took its toll, but overall, I felt good. Ate my two pancakes. Then I sorted out my vest and got all my nutrition loaded. Planned enough nutrition for 6 hours, and threw some extra in the back compartment, along with some Electrolyte caps and some alt red for about 6 hours. My nutrition consisted of 30-gram precision hydration gels and cliff bloks. Had 6 packets of 1000 precision hydration electrolyte mix. Also, threw in some GU liquid energy packs as well. Did some stretching and got ready to leave around 6:50 AM. Got checked in around 7AM and the race starts at 8 AM.

There was about a mile or so walk to the start. When the race started, I set an alert on my watch for every 20 mins for a gel and I always drank water after eating a gel. This worked well. No issues with any of it. At the aid stations I had some oranges, potato chips, and Gatorade, coke, or water. Main stuck with what I brought and used the Gatorade to supplement. Gear did great and I felt pretty good after completing the race. 

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